Best Ways to Make Your Home Senior Friendly

By | April 25, 2021

Best Ways to Make Your Home Senior Friendly
Best Ways to Make Your Home Senior Friendly

Best Ways to Make Your Home Senior Friendly : When caring for seniors it is usually the details that matter- like where you have placed your switches, are there enough handlebars and whether there is space to move around without hitting things. It is not always necessary to redo your home in case a senior has moved in or they need special care. You can always be clever about modifying things here and there so as to make the best use of the available resources.

In this article we discuss the things that you can do to make your home more senior friendly without costing you a fortune. However, before you read further it is better to employ a trusted Home Health Aide Agency Miami to carry out a comprehensive home assessment and a complete geriatric care assessment as well if necessary. This will not only provide you with details to work with in modifying your house but also give you an overview in what health scares to expect and how to care for them professionally. Let’s dive in.

Layout of living room and other common areas

Sure you have all sorts of small collectibles from Thailand and first copy of Van Gogh from a high end street market in Paris, but all these show pieces need to be carefully placed in order to steer clear away from danger of hurting any way. In most cases, designing a house for seniors is much like designing a home for 3 year old toddlers. In both cases you need to keep away fragile items and make more room for movement. Opting for an L shaped layout where the seating arrangement is alongside the wall. Small tables and lamp shades should be kept close to the sofa or any main seating arrangement so as to free up more real estate for movement.

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Choose high rise beds and furniture

The nasty knees of old age do not agree much with low lying beds or furniture, making it difficult for seniors to independently climb in and out of them. Standard heighted furniture, even for common areas, are a must as is furniture in the dining area. A good thumb rule is to see if the feet reach the ground in a flat manner when seated at the edge. In case you do not have a bed or furniture at the standard height you can add extra mattresses in order to reach a convenient height. Same goes with the sofa or any other seating solution.

Bright Lighting In Every Space

Bright lighting is your best safety net against any unwarranted accident. The grave dangers of poor lighting in common spaces, staircases etc. are well known and documented. In case your budget allows then it is best to invest in motion sensing lighting solutions. Nowadays IoT powered light bulbs are the norm and have made light switches redundant. A complete home assessment from a trusted Home Health Aide Agency Miami will include ideas on how to use lighting solutions properly. Advanced state of the art solutions proposed by Health Care of South Florida include lighting solutions as well as home health care guidance by professionals.

Handlebars and Benches

Let us first understand that towel rails are not handlebars. Towel rails are what they are- meant to hold the weight of towels not a full grown human senior. Most of them are not fastened securely in place and may not come handy during the time of need. Therefore make it a point to separately install handlebars. In bathrooms specifically, benches must be kept in order to make bathroom a little safer for the seniors. For unassisted seniors, it is recommended that they take showers while being seated making the experience much safer for them than otherwise.

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These small tips will help you build a better and safe home for your loved ones.

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Best Ways to Make Your Home Senior Friendly

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