Back Pain: Pain Triggered Due To The Muscle Strain.

By | October 9, 2018

Human Body is flexible and can handle the pain up to a limit. A body cans felt different types of pain in their living like Headache, Leg ache etc, but one typical pain of back can hold your life for a while. Back Pain is pain felt in the low or upper back of the body, which usually originates from the muscles, nerves, bones, joints and sometimes due to the other structure in the spine (known as inflammation of the spine).this pain mostly expressed when pressure is applied to the back. Back pain can be constant stay in one place or it can be radiate to other part of the body, like it can be radiate to the upper back part of the body like (arms and hand) or to the lower back portion of the body( like leg and foot). It is type of pain which felt either as a dull ache or as a sharp, piercing, burning sensation.
Acute Back Pain is most common and undesirable body ache which is experience by almost everyone at some point in their life. Acute back pain is often an unfortunate result of a spirited soccer match or ambitious garage cleaning activities. Most sudden attacks of acute back pain are the result of overstretched muscles or ligaments. The pain may be most severe immediately after injury, or it may worsen gradually over a few hours.
Causes of Back Pain:
Common causes of strains and sprains that can trigger acute back pain include:
• Improper lifting.
• Sudden unexpected physical effort.
• Accident, sports injury or fall.
• Over Stretching.
• Sleeping position or pillow positioning.
• Poor sitting or standing posture.
• Bending forward too long.
• “Hiking” your shoulder to hold the phone receiver to your ear.
• Carrying a heavy purse, briefcase or backpack.
• Stress and muscle tension.
• Twisting.
• Overuse of the muscles like in sports.

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Physical conditions that can possibly contribute to the onset of acute back pain include:
• Lack of muscle tone
• Excess weight
• Pregnancy
Sometime, it is also occurs due to the mental conditions and human activities like:
• Stress
• Depression
• Smoking
Understanding the cause of your back pain is the key to proper treatment because back pain is sometimes difficult to treat, a better understanding of the cause of pain condition will assist in pain recovery.
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