Attilan Developing Virtual Prosthetic Arm Training

By | November 28, 2018

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Upper body amputees that receive powered prosthetic arms and hands require a lot of practice to get used to new prostheses. These devices are not exactly intuitive to use, so peg boards and other rehab gadgets are employed. This kind of rehab can get pretty monotonous and, because the prostheses are often heavy, physically exhausting.

Attilan, a European affiliate of Motorica, a Russian company, is advancing the process of getting used to a prostheses into the virtual world, and in the process making it easier and more fun.

Attilan is developing games like firing a laser bow and arrow while walking through hallways, all designed to replicate how a powered prosthetic arm would perform in the same real situation. After regularly playing such games, the patient would probably have improved hand-eye coordination and other neuro-motor skills.

The latest prototype was just presented at the  Russian-British Business Forum (RBBF) in London.

Here’s a video of what Attilan is hoping to achieve in the near future:

[embedded content]

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