All About Rhinoplasty

By | October 24, 2018

Nose job or Rhinoplasty has seen a tremendous rise in demand in last few years as people are becoming more and more aware of the procedure and wants to look beautiful. Rhinoplasty is not a new procedure it was started way back in 1918 but results at that time were not satisfactory . Rhinoplasty Delhi. The latest improvement in rhinoplasty has come with the understanding of the anatomy of nose and its behavior after the surgery. Its a  very delicate structure and requires  lots of understanding of the tissue to give the desired results. The surgeon need to understand not only the cosmetic part of the nose but also the functional aspect as it is very important to improve the breathing and not to cause any damage. In India the trend is to go and get the procedure done by a  surgeon who is cheap and not by a surgeon who is experienced in the rhinoplasty procedure. Best Rhinoplasty Clinic in Delhi.

People go to a surgeon who says its a half hour procedure and easy as they just put implants or augment but rhinoplasty is not just augmentation , it is realigning the deformed part and adding the volume . This requires time and effort and most important the experience of the surgeon. Rhinoplasty should be performed by the surgeon is in love with the nose and is willing to go to any extent to make it right and time of the surgery is not important but results are.
So any person who is willing to get the nose job done should find the right surgeon . You can contact Dr S S Gambhir 

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