3 Reasons Why Men Should Moisturize

By | February 6, 2020

There is something freeing about not caring much about what you look like. It’s fine if your standard for personal beauty boils down to “as long as I don’t look like a hobo, I’m fine”. However, what you may not have been told is that moisturizing your skin — especially your face — is more than just about looking good. It helps maintain your health long term. Here are the benefits of moisturizing for men.

1 – General health

Your skin is more than just your postal card. As the largest organ in the body, the human skin acts as a barrier between you and everything else in the universe. Complications in the skin can affect your body’s overall health, as your skin also serves as a method of direct access to your bloodstream, and fighting off skin infections will put undue stress on your body.

Motorization is far for the ultimate form of skincare, but it is simple enough for you to implement into your routine, and it will help maintain the general health of your skin. For men who don’t want to draw attention to the fact that they have a skincare routine, there are plenty of odorless skin moisturizers in the market.

2 – Reduce oily skin

Does your skin glisten in the sun even though you are not sweating? Do you notice that your glasses become greasy wearily often? Those are two classic signs that you have oily skin. That is no big deal on its own. The skin’s natural oil helps it keep its moisture and protects the skin from external attacks. However, that oil can also clog up your pores, which causes inflammation and breakouts.

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Moisturizing can reduce the amount of oil your skin produces. It sounds counter-intuitive until you realize that your skin’s oil production is partially a reactive response. Your body detects that your skin is too dry, and it reacts by producing more oil. Moisturizers prevent the skin from getting dry in the first place, which reduces oil production.

The reactive nature of oil production is why your skin gets oilier during dry weather, by the way. Usually during the winter.

3 – Reduce aging effects

Not all forms of male aging make men more attractive. Yes, silver hair and a wiser expression suit most men very well. But droopy cheeks and a floppy turkey neck? You’ll be hard-pressed to find people who find those attractive.

Don’t let the fact that some signs of male aging are attractive blind you to all the aging effects that are not so hot. Especially when those signs can be postponed or even downright avoided if you start using a good facial moisturizer. Regular usage of moisturizing lotions can help your skin stay firm and lively as you grow older, which in term can help with your self-esteem and general quality of life.

Make sure to get yourself a facial moisturizer for men, as there are many subtle differences in the composition and workings of male and female skin. Getting products made for men is the best way to ensure good results.

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