15 Weight-Loss Motivation Mantras from People Who Successfully Slimmed Down

By | November 19, 2018

“I love you beautiful, toned, healthy ______. I’m happy you are mine.”

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“I say this mantra to every section of my body as I shower, and especially when I am applying my moisturizer. I say it to my legs, hips, bottom, stomach, arms, and even my face. Once I found out that the cells in our bodies have intelligence, I vowed to connect with my parts in loving ways and to never criticize them. I am 100 percent confident that this activity has been a major supplement to my healthy lifestyle choices.”—Elle Swan who lost 67 pounds. These are the 50 weight-loss breakthroughs your doctor wishes you knew.

“Humans aren’t supposed to eat junk food.”

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“With so much high-carb, decadent fare around us all the time, it’s easy to assume that it’s our birthright to indulge in it. Instead, I remind myself that, just because the standard American diet revolves around bagels, sandwiches, sodas, and breakfast pastries, doesn’t mean we should eat it. After all, this refined sugar- and flour-rich food doesn’t nourish our bodies; instead, it offers our minds momentary pleasure.”—Dina Cheney who lost 25 pounds

“Feed your soul for lasting pleasure.”

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“Often, I would overeat because my soul was hungry, but when the last crumb was gone, I felt even ‘hungrier’ than before. When I finally recognized this and started getting the nourishment my soul was craving, my stomach was no longer a bottomless pit that could never be filled. Now I listen to the needs of both my body and my soul so I can eat in a healthy way. I get the spiritual and physical nourishment needed to live joyfully, with kindness and ancient wisdom bringing lasting pleasure.”—Brachia Goetz who lost 20 pounds. Find out the 20 hidden reasons your diet isn’t working.

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