Tips On The Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Allergies

By | August 17, 2018

Having continuous allergic attacks can be devastating to your life and family. Asthma and bronchial infections can occur if the allergy is not held in check. Most of all it is difficult to work around in your everyday life. There are a few ways you can find relief for your allergies on your own, but getting a doctor’s diagnosis will give you many more options. 

Diagnosing The Allergy

Allergies are defined as short, cold-like symptoms including a hoarse or itchy throat. The symptoms may increase in length for up to two days after coming in contact with the allergen. Mucus secretions in allergy sufferers is also thick, and more difficult to clear. Knowing what has triggered these symptoms in the past can help you determine what is causing the allergy to react. Pollen and other organic particulates are the biggest culprit. However, things like dust and fertilizers may also cause these reactions, though in fewer cases.

Changing Your Environment

If you recognize the allergen that causes a reaction, there are a few ways you can change your routine or environment to avoid it. If pollen is the cause, avoiding early morning and late afternoon in the spring and fall can help. Pollen levels are at their highest during these times, partially because of ragweed, a common allergen. Even a bright, windy day can change pollen levels in the air however, so this is a tentative countermeasure at best. Avoiding mowing is a good bet, as freshly chopped grass can be a reactant.

Dust and molds can also be a big trigger. Make sure your home is well insulated and dry, there may be buildups of these two allergens. You may want to avoid vacuuming and dusting as well, because it can kick up these allergens as well. Fall is also a difficult time, as leaf mold is prolific. Try to keep the windows in your home and vehicle closed as much as possible, and get air flow in through other means. Fans may also kick up allergens, but if they are kept clean it is not an issue.

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Doctor Recommendations

A Doctor can help you diagnose what is causing the allergy, and find a treatment. They have many options for this, or can recommend an over-the-counter choice that will work for you. Following these can lead to permanent relief. 

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