Things To Do If You Are Preparing For USMLE

By | April 15, 2019

United States Medical Licensing Examination or USMLE is a doorway to enter the medical profession. Obviously, this would be your most important examination to crack if you want to start your career in the medical field. In order to understand all the necessary things to do and learn about USMLE, you should have a thorough knowledge of the exam pattern, format and other relevant matters.

Know The Exam Format

USMLE starts with step 1 exam. And this step 1 exam format has to be understood well. It’s a single day test of eight hours duration. Here students will see multiple choice questions set with seven sections. The number of questions could be up to 40 in each section summing up to a total of 280 questions. And one hour is given to complete each section.

Candidates appearing for this exam are allowed for a break of about 45 minutes. If you can complete any one section prior to the allotted time, then you can add that extra time to your personal break. Also, an optional tutorial is given to the appearing candidates at the beginning of the exam. If you want you may skip it and can add those 15 minutes to your break.

What’s Allowed

It is most important to know that you are only allowed to bring soft foam earplugs in the exam hall. Other than this no gadgets or even jackets are allowed. Always make sure to check the check details before you enter the exam hall.

Covering Subjects

When you search online as soon to be doctor near me’ you will see results of those candidates appearing for USMLE. And you can also come to know what are the major subjects they have been preparing for. You may ask a senior candidate or your friend who has also been preparing. But to help you out you should know that the major subjects to study are biochemistry, genetics, anatomy, biostatistics, pathology, physiology, pharmacology, and a few other related subjects.

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Question Pattern

You need to keep two things in mind. Forts, you must be able to solve the problems with deep insight. And second, you need to answer depending upon facts and definitions. Majority of the question swill deal in scientific and logical explanations. You need to interpret graphs, understand the microscopic pathology and apply your own concept.

Score Required

Your pass score should be 194 in order to pass the test of Step 1. But one must try hard to score above 220 which are more or less the average score of the past three years.

Test Results

Generally, on Wednesday, the test score is released. You will receive an email notification about your test result with your registered number. The entity you are registered with will display the result of the candidates. All the results are posted online on the official website of the entity.

Planning for the USMLE exam is the main part. Then comes determination and finally, you should be focussed. Cracking this examination may not be a piece of cake. But with the right preparation and confidence, you can easily pass it in one go.


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