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Move over CRISPR, the Retrons are coming

Researchers have created a new gene editing tool called Retron Library Recombineering (RLR) that can generate up to millions of mutations simultaneously, and ‘barcodes’ mutant bacterial cells so that the entire pool can be screened at once. It can be used in contexts where CRISPR is toxic or not feasible, and results in better editing… Read More »

Mandatory Flu Vaccine Coming Your Way?

As discussed in my November 5, 2019, article, “Trojan Horse of Measles — More Vaccines With the Mandate,” while most state legislation targeting vaccination mandates have focused on measles, what tends to get lost in the debate is that these mandatory vaccination laws are likely to be extended to all vaccines, including the influenza vaccine,… Read More »

When is alprazolam coming out

If a formerly outgoing person has suddenly begun keeping to themselves, people with a legitimate prescription should speak with their prescriber. So think about, occur for no reason. People abusing Xanax will often display unpredictable mood swings, and when is alprazolam coming out products. Antipsychotics are generally ineffective for benzodiazepine withdrawal, including medical detox, follow… Read More »

High dining coming to Billionaires’ Row skyscrapers

What’s better than living in one of those fancy skyscrapers on Billionaires’ Row? A dinner that’s just an elevator ride away — at a private restaurant helmed by a Michelin-starred chef. In September, world-famous chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten will open a residents-only restaurant at 220 Central Park South — the swanky new tower designed by starchitect… Read More »