Study: Feeling of loneliness related to age

By | December 30, 2018

Loneliness is not a feeling that individuals suffer alone but something that people go through during certain periods in their lifetime. To pinpoint when people feel the loneliest, scientists from the University of San Diego in California, surveyed people between the ages 27 and 101, and analyzed their psychological state.

In order to discover if and when people feel “abandoned,” the scientists prepared three different questionnaires. The results showed that people suffer from loneliness in three periods in their lives. Most cases are seen people between the ages 27 and 30, 55 and 60 and after 80 years old.

The experts said the first age group is prone to feel lonely as they criticize their life choices constantly and compare themselves with their peers, which drives them away from others. The second age group is said to feel isolated as they start to experience serious health problems. On the other hand, people feel lonely and abandoned after 80 as they start to lose their family and friends.

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