Legendary Texas Football Coach and Stem Cell Recipient Sam Harrell Returns to Coaching

By | August 14, 2018

In 2010, the debilitating effects of multiple sclerosis forced Sam Harrell to retire from his position as Head Football Coach at Ennis High School.  But after receiving 3 courses of stem cell therapy at the Stem Cell Institute in Panama, Sam is returing to the gridiron once again.  

Brownwood Lion Head Coach, Bob Shipley announced that Harrell will be joining the team as quarterback coach.

Sam coached all three of his sons at Ennis High School in Texas, most notably his son Graham Harrell.  Graham was a standout quarterback at Texas Tech and now plays for the Green Bay Packers.

During his career at Ennis, Harrell pioneered the spread offense that led the team to three Texas state championships.

“I told the kids this morning,” said Coach Shipley when asked about how he addressed the team, “And I didn’t have to explain who Sam Harrell was, they knew. And they just erupted in applause and they were just looking at each other with their jaws dropped open, like they couldn’t believe that Coach Harrell was going to come and be apart of our staff.”

“Sam just really liked the thought of coming and not being the head coach and not being the offensive coordinator, but just coaching the quarterbacks, which is really what his passion is.”

Harrell is one of hundreds of patients suffering from multiple sclerosis who have sought treatment abroad at the Stem Cell Institute.  MS treatment in Panama leverages two types of adult stem cells: the patient’s own adipose (fat) stem cells and stem cells harvested from donated human umbilical cord tissue.  Each patient’s stem cells are processed y Medistem Labs Inc. which operates an 8000 square foot GMP and GLP compliant laboratory featuring 3 class 10,000 clean rooms, 8 class 100 laminar flow hoods and 12 class 100 incubators.

The Stem Cell Institute was founded in 2005 by Neil Riordan PhD and has treated over 1,500 patients to-date.  Find out more about stem cell therapy for MS at www.cellmedicine.com.

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