How to Get Rid of Under-Eye Bags

By | September 29, 2018

You have such red lips and ideal set of white teeth. Your cheek is shaped and glowing. Your eyes are bright… but you have under-eye bags. They make your face less appealing then. Disappointingly, your friends continue on bragging about them instead of admiring your other features. What should you do to reduce your under-eye bags? Should you call for medical assistance from an eye doctor in Arizona? Below are a few helpful suggestions:

1. Slice a cucumber. Keep the sliced pieces in the freezer to cool them swiftly. After a number of minutes, get two pieces and place them in your eyes (of course, you must lay down in bed or sofa). Stay in this position for 25 minutes. If you think you want to sleep, go on. It can help you relax and feel rejuvenated afterwards. Alternatively, the puffy tissues in your eyes will start to diminish because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

2. You must make sure that you log eight hours of sleep every single day. It makes your face look more fresh and keeps you watchful in the daytime. After a few days, you will see the reduction in puffiness.

3. Some under-eye bags are the results of water retention in the eyes. It is either because you cried the whole night or you relished a salty dinner last night. For this, you have to stay away from having salty foods for the next 24 hours. Additionally, stay hydrated to eliminate excess salt from your body. You may also consider raising your head as you sleep tonight. This is to make the bodily fluids to leave your under-eye.

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4. Grab two unused teabags (buy in case you have no stocks at home). Soak them in cold water for 30 seconds. Lie down, close your eyes and place them in your eyes. Keep still for 10 minutes. Throw them away after use. Rinse your eyelids because teabags may have tarnished them.

5. Some under-eye bags can not be cured normally. If your circumstance falls under this category, you may want to seek advice from your eye specialist in Arizona. He will inspect your eyes, examine them completely and make the necessary solutions.

6. Choose the foods you eat. Refrain from foods or food ingredients that are rich in sodium. It’s okay to screw up your diet once in a while, particularly if you are participating in a party and you can’t help feasting on the dishes before you. But after this, return to your regimen. Taking salty foods continuously will cause you to have stretched-out bags, which are long-lasting in nature.

7. Moisturize your under-eyes. Ask good friends who know which particular brand you should buy.

Your under-eye bags let you pay out so much on concealers. One day you wake up and you discover you no longer want to hide it. You want to face your problem and do what it is to be carried out with it. With this scenario, you will need the help of an eye specialist in Arizona.

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