Fun Corporate Event Ideas That Your Team Will Love

By | January 23, 2019

When throwing a birthday party, you always strive for something that will top the previous one and make it extraordinary. But when it comes to planning a corporate event, there’s no way you’d want to repeat yourself over and over again and let your co-workers down with the same old ideas. Your vision of everything has to be major-league, so it means you’ll have to go the extra mile to fulfil their expectations. 

Here’s a list on how you can throw the most epic corporate party that will keep everybody moving ‘til the crack of dawn.

The Many Talents Of Your Employees

I’m pretty sure your colleagues have so much to offer other than just sitting in the office working all day as a digital copywriter. You could organize a little ‘talent show’ in the middle of the party where everyone would be able to show what they’ve got by impersonating their favourite artists, actors or whatever performance they choose. This will totally light up the whole office. The whole thing could last no longer than an hour and should be planned in advance. 

When the show is over, reward the ‘contestants’ with some nice cocktails. You can show your people that you care about the quality of their drinks by involving a pro mixologist from NYC and surprise them with molecular cocktails that are extremely popular right now. Be sure this is going to be the highlight of the night!

Throw That Party Back To The 2000s

Nostalgia is calling, so you better pick up your sidekick! Oops, did we say that out loud? Themed parties are a whole lot of fun, especially when they are related to questionable trends that were once hot, right? If your office is filled with millennials, then it’s necessary to take them back to the time they actually remember. Let them go back by dancing to the most iconic tunes at that time when everything was about R&B, rap and pop. There’s probably no one who didn’t grow up listening to The Pussycat Dolls, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, 50 Cent or Eminem, and they’re sure to still know the lyrics by heart. Now here comes the fun part-the 2000s attire. Von Dutch hats, lace-up jeans, tattoo choker necklaces and Juicy Couture tracksuits are patiently waiting to steal the spotlight again, even if it’s for the pretend party only. 

As for the food and beverage part, make sure you provide enough cheez balls, M&M’s, Doritos and many other popular snacks from this iconic era. Bring the ‘classy’ back with mojitos and Bitch Bubbly sparkling wine, but don’t let all of these time travel gems be the only form of treats, ‘cause your co-workers would leave the party earlier than expected.  

No Event Can’t Go Without A Photobooth

If you follow the Kardashians religiously, then you’ve probably noticed that no family event can go without their epic black and white photobooth. Its customized automatic photo filter is like a dream come true, and you won’t have to bore yourself to death while editing the half-drunk pics later. However, these are pretty expensive, so let’s go back to reality now, shall we? You can always improvise and make your own photobooth backdrop depending on the theme. If the dress code has already been agreed upon, and you don’t want the backdrop to be too detailed, then go for white or grey as the safest choice. 

Use a Polaroid camera to capture the moment or use the latest version of someone’s iPhone. Just make sure to provide good lighting since you won’t be using a professional camera. Add a few cute props quoting everybody from the company, make silly faces and enjoy the ride.

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Go Out For A Change

Sometimes you just have to leave the office, grab fresh air and attend a corporate event. When the weather is warm, there’s nothing more romantic or more chill than an outdoor movie night. Also, if the space around the company allows, you could totally set up an outdoor movie theatre You can rent screens, speakers and projectors together. Horrors and thrillers always double the fun, so make a quick movie poll question on Instagram, and let them vote between the two current box-office hits. And don’t forget to bring sodas and popcorn.

So, which of these ideas you’re dying to implement on your next corporate event? Show your team you’re no Reggie Boss when it comes to throwing parties and they will definitely appreciate it.

Author: Sophia Smith

Nic Makim