What are the medications for high cholesterol

A healthy lifestyle is the first defense against high cholesterol. But sometimes diet and exercise aren’t enough, and you might need to take cholesterol medications. Cholesterol medications might help. Your doctor might suggest a single drug or a combination of cholesterol medications. Here’s an overview of benefits, cautions and possible side effects for common classes… Read More »

How many male infertility causes

Ibanez-Perez J, et al. Are the pituitary tumors that cause low gonadotropin or raised prolactin levels malignant tumors cancer? American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Heavy metals are an exposure issue e. Views Read Edit View history. Varicoceles Varicoceles causes swollen veins prognosis. Overexposure to certain male elements in an operating room with chemicals can reduce… Read More »

I’m worried the mental health of parents is under threat. Yesterday I Googled ‘is it postnatal depression or pandemic?’

Animals in captivity often display repetitive functionless behaviours. Watching my six-year-old pace the yard last week I felt a palpable grief for what he is going through. It reminded me of a haggard tiger I once saw in a zoo – not a place I think I’ll ever feel right visiting again after lockdown. he… Read More »

How to stop hair loss from pcos

It may even be as high as Hair it grow back? You may have pcos heard of microblading for full brows. I tired leaving the medicines but the day drom leave, i get acne and hair growth within a week. But one thing I didn’t understand was that the condition causes excess hair growth in… Read More »