Controlled Trial Study Shows Healthy Foods Reduce Depression

What you eat affects your mood and, beyond that, is powerful enough to influence symptoms of depression for better or for worse. Globally, healthy diets have shifted to diets that favor processed foods and refined sugars, and the burden of depression has also risen worldwide, with 300 million people affected.1 Depression among adolescents is also… Read More »

Here’s Why Survivor’s Youngest Winner Is So Controversial

There have been a number of controversial winners in Survivor‘s history—in fact, the most recent Sole Survivor is one of them. Whether it’s their gameplay, their relationships with the other castaways, or their personality, some winners definitely incite more polarizing discussion than others. One of those winners is Jud “Fabio” Birza. His affable nature and… Read More »

The Good Men Manifesto [Podcast]

Does it feel like masculinity is under attack? Perhaps you need a manifesto. Listen to Real Men Feel, #145, “The Good Men Manifesto” here: Author and therapist, Jed Diamond, returns to the show to share what he’s learned from doing 70 years of men’s work. It is time to embrace your maleness. “Men can’t be… Read More »

Aim for zero waste in your home

Sorting our rubbish between the paper, plastics, glass and landfill bins has become a weekly ritual for most of us, with some incorporating a worm farm or compost bin as well. However we still have a long way to go to make an impact on the amount of rubbish we create. Here are some tips… Read More »