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Safe sleep aid when pregnant

You will want to consider the severity of your symptoms. Natural remedies for pregnancy insomnia Mama’s gotta get her sleep! The role of melatonin is to control sleep-wake cycles and the natural circadian rhythms. Because of this, it’s recommended you safe sleep aid when pregnant off all screens and devices about 30 minutes before it’s… Read More »

What antifungal cream is safe for babies

Stop using the medicine if you have these severe side effects, and see your doctor or pharmacist to find an alternative. You may experience some breakthrough bleeding while taking your antifungal medicine, but your contraceptive protection should not be affected. Side effects of antifungal medicines Your what antifungal cream is safe for babies medicine may… Read More »

How safe is blood pressure medicine

She has published more than 3, useful links and copyright information. It is important to work closely with your doctor, your doctor will prescribe medication in addition to recommending lifestyle changes. And big green salads. Drugs Not Always Best for Mild High Blood Pressure? PCNA Guideline for the Prevention, resists the drugs. Change your lifestyle,… Read More »

Efavirenz in pregnancy is at least as safe as other antiretrovirals

The European Pregnancy and Paediatric HIV Cohort Collaboration includes data from 24,963 pregnancies ending in singleton live births between 2002 and 2015. Cohorts in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine and the United Kingdom provided data. In 1200 pregnancies (4.8%), the mother received efavirenz at the time… Read More »

Guys, Prince Philip Got Into a Scary Car Accident But He's Safe

On Thursday afternoon, Prince Philip, 97, got into a car accident, according to Buckingham Palace officials. Rebecca English, Daily Mail‘s royal correspondent, posted the palace’s statement, which said, “the Duke of Edinburgh was involved in a road traffic accident with another vehicle this afternoon.” British television network ITV News reports the accident took place around… Read More »