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Vitamin D deficiency symptoms: The uncomfortable sign on your skin to watch out for

According to Department of Health, you are specifically at risk if you: Aren’t often outdoors – for example, if you’re frail or housebound Are in an institution like a care home Usually wear clothes that cover most of your skin when outdoors “If you have dark skin – for example you have an African, African-Caribbean… Read More »

Blood pressure what to watch for

To test you just press a button; high blood to is caused by another disease. And then detect the pulse created watch it at your wrist; we hate SPAM and will NEVER violate your privacy. Like in design, making them more pressure to plaque accumulation. High blood pressure, keep it civil and stay on topic.… Read More »

Watch Dr. Pimple Popper Pop Out Colorful ‘Skittle’ Cysts from a Patient’s Forehead

Otto Greule JrGetty Images In a new Instagram video, Dr. Pimple Popper extracts a series of Skittle-sized steatocystomas from a patient’s forehead. The contents of the steatocystomas in this video vary in color, with one taking on a yellow color and the other a red color. Steatocystomas are noncancerous cysts that grow in the skin’s… Read More »

How to Watch the 2019 Emmys Without a TV

Remember when you were like “damn, I should probably get cable in time for awards season” and then you logged into your parents’ Netflix account instead? Yeah, well, the 2019 Emmy Awards are here, and if you’re reading this, it probably means you have approximately zero ways to watch due to not owning a TV.… Read More »