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What was the cardiovascular system

Better known discovery of pulmonary circulation was by Vesalius’s successor at Padua, Realdo Colombo, in 1559. Blood circulates constantly through our entire body. Ten thousand foot-pounds of energy applied to soft, elastic tissue of cardiovascular organs may have no more immediate effect than 500 foot-pounds. In fish, the system has only one circuit, with the… Read More »

How to build a strong cardiovascular system

The mentally strong weed out the words like can’t, never, and should–replacing them with can, could, and when. Consume foods that how to build a strong cardiovascular system probiotics, such as yogurt, kefir, kimchee, and sauerkraut. Practice mental toughness and you’ll soon be amazed at how strong you’ve become. Gratitude can transform any common day… Read More »

Canada sours on its drug system just as Trump looks to import from it

Just as the Trump administration is planning to let states import prescription drugs from Canada, the United States’s northern neighbors have grown impatient with their own high drug prices. Canada is enmeshed in a drug pricing war. Canadians are paying among the highest prices in the world for drugs, prompting lawmakers to consider a major… Read More »