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Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms Chart (PLUS INFOGRAPHIC)

Vitamins Vitamin A (Retinol) Functions: Essential for healthy eyesight, helps with the reproduction of cells, important for immune system function, needed for embryo and fetus development, promotes health of the skin, and also plays a role in healing of wounds and formation of bone. Deficiency Symptoms: Deficiency of vitamin A is a major preventable cause… Read More »

Excessive Vaginal Discharge Natural Treatment, Causes, Symptoms

Leucorrhea causes due to lovemaking excitement, hormonal changes during puberty, ovulation cycle and early pregnancy etc and its symptoms are whitish or yellowish discharge with pain, foul smell, and itching, weakness in body. Gynex is excessive vaginal discharge natural treatment that restores ph of vagina, prevent from infection, balance hormones, cure foul smell and treat… Read More »