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Common Signs You Could Have a Torn Meniscus

Conditions Colleen TraversDec 28 What is that nagging knee pain? Doctors reveal most frequently seen torn meniscus symptoms and what exactly to do about it. What is a meniscus? Martin Novak/Shutterstock It’s a piece of cartilage in your knee provides a cushion between your shin and thigh bones. Your meniscus helps promote overall joint health,… Read More »

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3 Serious Signs That You Could Be Suffering With Heat Stroke

The dog days of summer are good for lazing by the pool but not so good for your long runs and weekend hikes. When temperatures and humidity levels soar, you’re at an increased risk of heat exhaustion or worse: heat stroke. Heat stroke is a real danger in temperatures above 40 degrees, as several South Africans have already discovered.… Read More »

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