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What vitamin helps with depression

The more of these fats you eat, you can also use complementary measures alongside any ongoing therapy or treatment you’re receiving. From melatonin tablets for sleep, known to everyone interested in nutrition applied to weight loss. As you can see, the following vitamins for depression are especially helpful. The food sources that rich in vitamin… Read More »

Bones release a hormone that helps us deal with sudden danger

By Alice Klein rustycloud/Getty A hormone secreted by bone helps to coordinate our flight-or-fight response, suggesting our skeletons are more active than we thought. When faced with a sudden threat, our heart and breathing rate, blood pressure, circulating blood sugar and body temperature increase to prepare our muscles to fight or run away. This fight-or-flight… Read More »

Even $10 increase in Medicaid payments helps erase disparities in care access, study says

Dive Brief: Financial incentives can influence who a physician decides to treat and their patients’ overall health, a study from the National Bureau of Economic Research found. Even a slight uptick in Medicaid reimbursement can improve school attendance as well, driving down the rate of chronic absenteeism. The paper estimates that a $ 10 increase… Read More »