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Can exercise cause hearing loss or tinnitus?

There is no denying that exercise is beneficial to the body and mind. But if a bustling gym is your favorite place to work out, be careful — heavy exertion paired with loud music can lead to hearing loss or tinnitus.  Weightlifting and hearing damage Holding your breath and straining whilelifting weights can damage your inner ears.Loud music and… Read More »

Can You Hear The Competition? How Startups Are Taking On The Hearing Aid Industry

Christian Gormsen is the CEO hearing aid startup Eargo. Courtesy of Eargo When Eargo CEO Christian Gormsen was approached by the venture capital arm of Danish pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk in 2013 to join a fledgling startup making hearing aids, he says he told them, “I’ve seen all the startup attempts in the hearing aid… Read More »