4 Quick Tricks To Bench More On Chest Day

By | October 9, 2018

The classic chest day workout is the bedrock of every man’s training week. Characterised by bench presses, dumbbell variations and more, there’s a reason a larger chest is on the to-do list for most men. But, of course, earning pumped-up pecs are, unfortunately, far easier said than done.

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Here, MH dissects the very foundation of your chest workout — the bench press — and  takes it to the next level.

1. Drive through your legs

Yes, it’s your chest day staple, but the barbell bench press can also be considered as a full-body exercise. In order to take some of the load off your shoulders — and help rack more plates on the bar — press through the floor at the beginning of the lift.

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Spread your feet wide, brace your core and drive your feet into the floor, pushing through your feet to help move the bar upwards.

2. ‘Hug’ the bench

Hands off the bar — as soon as you lie on the bench, contract your shoulder blades together and move them down and begin to ‘hug’ the bench, as if your life is depending on it.

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Maintain this level of tension for a solid base and a more powerful platform from which to push.

3. Snap the bar or pull it apart

During the eccentric (lowering) phase of the barbell bench press, try to snap the bar in half.

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While, of course, breaking the bar is impossible, this move acts a great cue to turn on your upper back and your rear delts, by pulling your shoulder blades together to help shoulder stability

4. Bulk-up your triceps

After a set of heavy bench presses, you’ll want to work your triceps in order to make the next session’s lifts considerably easier. Go for high reps on a cable pull-down to get your blood pumping and, when you’re ready, deploy a lighter weight on a close-grip bench press to get elevate your game.

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